Invisalign and braces

One of the most common questions we get asked about is if "We do braces" or if "We do Invisalign".  We wanted to delve a little deeper into these topics since it seems to be an increasingly common area on interest.  Dr. Gely recently took the Invisalign course to provide the service in the office and we wanted to write a little about it to inform patients.

A great frustration of ours is when patient can't get the desired treatment they want or need due to inaccessibility of a specialist near them, unable to financially afford it, or a combination of the two.  Orthodontics, or braces, is one of these services. For a lot of patients it has become impossible to afford for one, let alone three or more kids, full braces or even interceptive treatments that could avoid braces all together.  

Invisalign and other similar products have gotten very popular in recent years as an esthetic, less intrusive and more economical way of fixing the alignment of teeth.  Dr. Gely recently took the Invisalign course to start looking for a way to provide these services to our patients that otherwise can't access them. Invisalign is designed to correct minor orthodontic issues, which would need to be properly diagnosed before initiating treatment.  Not every patient is a candidate, but there are plenty that are. A visit with the dentist is needed to identify if you are or not.

Invisalign isn't full on corrective braces. These are the famous metal brackets, bands, and wires that we all know and love.  We are currently investigating several two year courses in order to provide this service to our patients that can't get them any other way.  It'll be a long process to take the necessary training, and we might not be able to correct all cases, but our goal is to provide our a patients a reasonable alternative to otherwise unattainable treatment.  

Please call and ask if any questions arise.  Thank you.

Dr. Lopez and Dr. Gely